Duncan Ward- Old Tricks

Ends of World

First of all, this is my first encounter with this “type” of performance.

I was interested in really playing the game- really observing my own reactions to the set up “Locked In”

to the space

to the performer

to the performance.

the sense of time is the first thing: I doubt I’ve ever felt this “in touch” with the length of things, with time passing, with someone “creating time”.

I was scared of coming. Scared of going to a weird performance, scared of interacting with other members of the audience. I embraced this fear, for the first time as well, i connected with the event stimulating my brain but without necessarily being entertaining.

It was up to me to get into it. However, some of the actions/sounds/images/words WERE entertaining, some seemed POETRY to me, some metaphorical and catharsis, some moments were resonant of a critic of society.

I felt good about the performer. I guess I felt he wasn’t an arty farty prick. I felt he was sincere, going on a true journey…

I was self-conscious of being too naive and too positive about everything, i kept looking at others to check if they liked it.

Locked in: I was cold and I probably would have picked my coat if i hadn’t been locked in. the sound of the champagne. i felt i understood huge aspects of society simply by following this collage of images, textures etc. I felt lucky I felt like the space was perfect.

I was thinking: is the red thread cheesy? I thought: IS this a degree show? I loved the champagne and the wine ritual. I thought: is he nervous? Is he going too quickly? I was happy I felt so many things even though it was my first “fine art” durational performance- I liked the face of the performer, he looks like my brothers, some cousins, some friends, that totally helped to make it a performance based on collage. Between reality and dreams and thought I didn’t feel liek he was removed from the real world like I feel some fine art artists are.

I thought: is it his first performance? I thought: how did he describe what he was going to do to the curator? I liked the first text of the booklet about memory and present. I had the SAME THOUGHT during the performance, I thought: don’t drift away. Because what is happening, you can not make it happen in your thoughts. You even might not be able to remember it.

I liked he calmness yet the sense of enjoyment of the performer.


Non-live audience response

What can I say about a performance I did not attend? Well, firstly I find it interesting that you chose not to document it in any way other than through the a written account of the audience. From the performer to spectator to the non-live audience, there are inevitably details which will be forgotten, misinterpreted, and distorted as various individuals give their unique account of the live event. I feel this is really fertile ground and opens up a lot of questions regarding the mythologisation of live art.

How much detail do we reveal about a performance after it has taken place? Why do we choose particular mediums to document the work and to what extent do they distort the reality of the live event? What role does the audience play in furthering this mythology?

Julieann O’Malley- Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation

During the performance the same idea was featuring in my mind: the ‘proverbial’ housewife who feels trapped in her circumstances. Her reality consists of the games and activties she creates in order to survive within what she perceives to be her confinement. She looks perfectly calm, and seems to be in the process of prettifying herself while she keeps herself occupied by making gingerbread men, shaving
a pigs head and sharing love hearts. The protagonist portrays the dark and lonely side of a Stepford Wife! The climax at the end symbolised for me the body revolting to the shit we enforce upon ourselves in order to be accepted or recognised in society. It made me question how much we ‘lock’ ourselves into roles and duties even though we may not want to; the idea of freedom and liberty is often examined, celebrated, sought after and exalted and I wonder how many people actually make the most of it when they have it.
Afterwards, I questioned whether the audience got the full impact of the word ‘confinement’ once the performance was over and we were free to go where we pleased, quite unlike the character we were locked in with for the previous two hours.

Julieann O’Malley- Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation

It is often so difficult for us to approach themes of death, abortion and corrupted innocence in our daily lives. I find myself deliberately trying not to think about these themes. The performance was intense, uncomfortable and the artist provoked feelings of violation, and I felt sick to my bones. This purposely extreme performance captured these forbidden themes to dwell inside of her audience members.  The artist is dedicated to her performance and her message, and has caused many discussions to be had since seeing. Warning: this performance is not for the faint hearted. Thank you

What a weekend!

In order to stimulate a secondary, non-live, audience for durational performance, Lock In is running this wordpress where written accounts of people’s perception of the events can be accessed. This is all open for debate and anyone who didn’t see it is more than welcome to write about what they know of it or ask any questions to those who saw. Please contact: lock.inbrighton@gmail.com

Lock In Made it into the Top 5!


FABRICA The Blue Route by Kaarina Kaikkonen exhibition continues until 6 April – 27 May www.fabrica.org.uk

HAYWARD GALLERY-Light Show until 28 April 2013

Aping the Beast-
8 March 2013 – 5 May 2013 http://www.camdenartscentre.org/whats-on/view/exh-27

COMMUNITY ARTS CENTREA Live Exploration into the Social, Psychological and Physical Boundaries of the Body
19 April – OLD TRICKS by Duncan Ward
20 April – SALTY MILK Violation of Expectation by Julieann O’Mally
21 April – JIGSAW OF THE QUEEN Part One by Paula Davy
To attend please email: Date of Performance(s) you wish to be LOCKED IN with & your name to lock.inbrighton@gmail.com
Lower Ground Floor, 31 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XA

MAUREEN PALEY-Anne Hardy-exhibition continues — 26 May 2013 http://www.maureenpaley.com/exhibitions

Jigsaw of the Queen Part.1

The final durational piece of the series entitled Jigsaw of the Queen Part.1 by Paula Davy displays the artist’s take on the more physical side of confinement. As a hearing impaired artist, she requires her audience to also experience a sense of physical limitation as they are not allowed to leave her side as she undertakes an inane task as her persona Paula The Disappointment.

Paula Davy has worked in Live Performance since 2003. Her work is often focused on her own personal histories along with her continuing research into female deviance, hysteria and the confessional as a form of art. Displaying here one of her three constructed personas, she celebrates the negative aspects of her own personal history through a journey toward its ultimate deconstruction.


To reserve your space, email your name and date (21st April) to lock.inbrighton@gmail.com


Paula Davy will be the third artist to showcase her piece “Jigsaw of the Queen Part.1” at the first in the series of Lock In at Community Art Centre (BN1 3XA)

Date: 21st April

Time: 7pm-9pm

RSVP: your name and the date (21st for Paula) to lock.inbrighton@gmail.com

Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation….

Saturday 20th, audiences will be locked in Julieann O’Malley who will be performing, arguably, the most controversial and challenging piece in the series. Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation plays out the timeless exploration of personal and social constructions through an intensely symbolic environment, a scene navigated by a seventies housewife, who slowly consumes the contents of the containers that litter her floor. The head of a pig and a glowing fetus imply the more sinister nature of socially constructed confinement, as the artist really tests the physical and psychological limits of her own body.

Julieann O’Malley is an interdisciplinary artist based in Liverpool. She has been creating performance art since 2009 and specialises in durational work. She has been nominated for the Liverpool Art Prize in 2012 and shortlisted 2013 and performs regularly across the UK.


Julieann O’Malley will be the second artist to showcase her piece “Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation” at the first in the series of Lock In at Community Art Centre (BN1 3XA)

Date: 20th April

Time: 7pm-9pm

RSVP: your name and the date (20th for Julieann) to lock.inbrighton@gmail.com

A Little written peak into the work of Duncan Ward (Fri: 19th April 7pm)

On Friday 19th, Duncan Ward will perform his piece Old Tricks, a series of small actions, the residual materials of which will gradually fill the whole room creating a total environment stretching from wall to wall that will ultimately envelope the audience, transforming the space into a world to be inhabited, joyfully, for a spell.

Duncan’s take on Lock In is to provide an environment that isn’t grueling or punishing as for him, confinement means nothing more than the opportunity to build within that constricted space an ideal world of his own, which he sees as an easier and more effective option than trying to plant ideals directly into the real world.

Duncan Ward has being using performance as a medium in his art since 2006 and is the founder of independent publishing house Young Mountains. He has shown his performance art across the UK and Europe and has been part of After Midnight We Don’t Remember Anything and The Living Swamp at The Hague in the Netherlands.

REMEMBER: RSVP essential! Please send your name and the date you would like to attend (19th/20th/21st) to lock.inbrighton@gmail.com


Duncan Ward will be the first artist to showcase his piece “Old Tricks” at the first in the series of Lock In at Community Art Centre (BN1 3XA)

Date: 19th April

Time: 7pm-9pm

RSVP: your name and the date (19th for Duncan) to lock.inbrighton@gmail.com

Remember, if you want to be a part of the exclusive audience for Lock In on either the 19th, 20th or 21st of April please send you name and date of attendance to lock.inbrighton@gmail.com