Duncan Ward- Old Tricks

Ends of World

First of all, this is my first encounter with this “type” of performance.

I was interested in really playing the game- really observing my own reactions to the set up “Locked In”

to the space

to the performer

to the performance.

the sense of time is the first thing: I doubt I’ve ever felt this “in touch” with the length of things, with time passing, with someone “creating time”.

I was scared of coming. Scared of going to a weird performance, scared of interacting with other members of the audience. I embraced this fear, for the first time as well, i connected with the event stimulating my brain but without necessarily being entertaining.

It was up to me to get into it. However, some of the actions/sounds/images/words WERE entertaining, some seemed POETRY to me, some metaphorical and catharsis, some moments were resonant of a critic of society.

I felt good about the performer. I guess I felt he wasn’t an arty farty prick. I felt he was sincere, going on a true journey…

I was self-conscious of being too naive and too positive about everything, i kept looking at others to check if they liked it.

Locked in: I was cold and I probably would have picked my coat if i hadn’t been locked in. the sound of the champagne. i felt i understood huge aspects of society simply by following this collage of images, textures etc. I felt lucky I felt like the space was perfect.

I was thinking: is the red thread cheesy? I thought: IS this a degree show? I loved the champagne and the wine ritual. I thought: is he nervous? Is he going too quickly? I was happy I felt so many things even though it was my first “fine art” durational performance- I liked the face of the performer, he looks like my brothers, some cousins, some friends, that totally helped to make it a performance based on collage. Between reality and dreams and thought I didn’t feel liek he was removed from the real world like I feel some fine art artists are.

I thought: is it his first performance? I thought: how did he describe what he was going to do to the curator? I liked the first text of the booklet about memory and present. I had the SAME THOUGHT during the performance, I thought: don’t drift away. Because what is happening, you can not make it happen in your thoughts. You even might not be able to remember it.

I liked he calmness yet the sense of enjoyment of the performer.


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