Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation….

Saturday 20th, audiences will be locked in Julieann O’Malley who will be performing, arguably, the most controversial and challenging piece in the series. Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation plays out the timeless exploration of personal and social constructions through an intensely symbolic environment, a scene navigated by a seventies housewife, who slowly consumes the contents of the containers that litter her floor. The head of a pig and a glowing fetus imply the more sinister nature of socially constructed confinement, as the artist really tests the physical and psychological limits of her own body.

Julieann O’Malley is an interdisciplinary artist based in Liverpool. She has been creating performance art since 2009 and specialises in durational work. She has been nominated for the Liverpool Art Prize in 2012 and shortlisted 2013 and performs regularly across the UK.


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