Gallery Lock In

Gallery Lock In is the permanent venue for Lock In. Although primarily set up as a dedicated performance art space, in between its performance art programmes, the space will also play host to other visual arts projects.


Available to hire for visual art exhibitions for up to 2 weeks.

The gallery has a professional hanging system and adjustable spotlights. Curatorial, marketing and invigilation support are also available and included in the price.

The aim of the gallery is to support local artists by providing an affordable space with support. As a non-profit arts space, the costs cover gallery rent and utilities.


Gallery Lock In aims to support artists by providing a space to make a secondary income.

The space is available for artists to run their own workshops for paying participants, this can include technical workshops or running life drawing classes for example.


The gallery is available for short term studio hire for artists who need a larger private studio space to work on a project.


Gallery Lock In will also play host to specifically curated solo and group shows. Invited artists will have their work exhibited at the Gallery for free but as a non-profit space we are unable to provide artist fees.

For any work sold during the shows, artists receive 100% of the profit.

If you are interested in having an exhibition at Gallery Lock In or hiring the space, email: with your exhibition idea and images of your work.