El Presto Project

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  • 3rd Feb / 7-9pm: Yarnbombing with MazCan tickets here.
  • 9th Feb / 7-9pm: *SOLD OUT* Spray Paint and Stencil Techniques with SinnaOne tickets here.
  • 12th Feb / 2-4pm: Spray Paint and Stencil Techniques with SinnaOne tickets here.
  • 15th Feb / 7-9pm: Graffiti with Rob VonGlas tickets here

All proceeds go to a good cause.

In 2021, a father was prosecuted for spray painting a design across Brighton. His reason for doing this, to raise awareness of youth mental health after his 25-year-old son lost his life to suicide.

We’ve launched a fundraiser to put this right.

Donate to help us reach our £1,000 target and receive exciting rewards! DONATE

19th Feb from 12 onwards: Auction the Wall! From just £10 you can have your design hand drawn straight onto the gallery wall by one of our project artists. 

Come down with cash on the day or donate via the fundraising page here.

Help spread the word on socials: insta twitter

Too many young people are losing their lives to poor mental health, let’s put a stop to it.


For details contact:




Aimed at emerging artists who haven’t exhibited their work publicly outside of an educational setting or those who haven’t had a solo show. Artists will receive a free 2-week residency at the gallery, which will end with an exhibition of their work.

The residency will include curatorial and marketing support as well as learning how to write artist statements and CVs, press releases and applying for funding.

To apply email: with a short description and images of your work.


Professional development for performance artists. Artists will work with Lock In curator to develop new performance art pieces. There won’t be a present audience but all performances will be documented through interviews, curator’s responses and Q&As etc. Performance can be filmed for artists to use to present to programmers and for future work but won’t be displayed as a part of Gallery Lock In.


Gallery Lock In works with artists internationally to present video and animation work to Brighton audiences, overcoming geographical distance.



Gallery Lock In aims to support Brighton Fringe and Brighton Photo Fringe by providing a space for artists during the festivals.