Jigsaw of the Queen Part.1

The final durational piece of the series entitled Jigsaw of the Queen Part.1 by Paula Davy displays the artist’s take on the more physical side of confinement. As a hearing impaired artist, she requires her audience to also experience a sense of physical limitation as they are not allowed to leave her side as she undertakes an inane task as her persona Paula The Disappointment.

Paula Davy has worked in Live Performance since 2003. Her work is often focused on her own personal histories along with her continuing research into female deviance, hysteria and the confessional as a form of art. Displaying here one of her three constructed personas, she celebrates the negative aspects of her own personal history through a journey toward its ultimate deconstruction.


To reserve your space, email your name and date (21st April) to lock.inbrighton@gmail.com


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