A Little written peak into the work of Duncan Ward (Fri: 19th April 7pm)

On Friday 19th, Duncan Ward will perform his piece Old Tricks, a series of small actions, the residual materials of which will gradually fill the whole room creating a total environment stretching from wall to wall that will ultimately envelope the audience, transforming the space into a world to be inhabited, joyfully, for a spell.

Duncan’s take on Lock In is to provide an environment that isn’t grueling or punishing as for him, confinement means nothing more than the opportunity to build within that constricted space an ideal world of his own, which he sees as an easier and more effective option than trying to plant ideals directly into the real world.

Duncan Ward has being using performance as a medium in his art since 2006 and is the founder of independent publishing house Young Mountains. He has shown his performance art across the UK and Europe and has been part of After Midnight We Don’t Remember Anything and The Living Swamp at The Hague in the Netherlands.

REMEMBER: RSVP essential! Please send your name and the date you would like to attend (19th/20th/21st) to lock.inbrighton@gmail.com


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