Julieann O’Malley- Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation

During the performance the same idea was featuring in my mind: the ‘proverbial’ housewife who feels trapped in her circumstances. Her reality consists of the games and activties she creates in order to survive within what she perceives to be her confinement. She looks perfectly calm, and seems to be in the process of prettifying herself while she keeps herself occupied by making gingerbread men, shaving
a pigs head and sharing love hearts. The protagonist portrays the dark and lonely side of a Stepford Wife! The climax at the end symbolised for me the body revolting to the shit we enforce upon ourselves in order to be accepted or recognised in society. It made me question how much we ‘lock’ ourselves into roles and duties even though we may not want to; the idea of freedom and liberty is often examined, celebrated, sought after and exalted and I wonder how many people actually make the most of it when they have it.
Afterwards, I questioned whether the audience got the full impact of the word ‘confinement’ once the performance was over and we were free to go where we pleased, quite unlike the character we were locked in with for the previous two hours.


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