Meditations within the Golden Machine: Fractured Trance State, artist and collaborator response

– How did you view what you were doing?
Uncontrollable, sporadic interruption
– How did you react to this?
Noise and lights bring different emotions with them but I was facing them down, I am here- more present and more affirmed because I am facing this adversity
– How did it progress?
More challenging as it went along but never uneasy.
She had turned her back on it- would it be different if the sound had confronted her from the front?
– With her back to Jamie he felt like she was beckoning him on.
– She felt totally in the space and sound, not taking her mind away but the opposite, more affirmed within the situation.
– Jamie had no intention of Crescendo and by purposely trying to be interruptive it became conceited. That was limiting the intensity for the whole thing. Improv within contrivance.


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