Written Hypothesis, Curator Response

CAC: Friday
“Written Hypothesis”
– Desk, paper, pen, spotlight
– Minute movements compared to the whole body because it is just the hands but the hands are moving so vigorously
– The circuit here is the flow of the thoughts to the movement to the writing being produced- where does it close? The writing being read back and influencing the thoughts that keep the motion of writing going.- but does he move too fast for this?
– Control and un-control again, the movements of the hand are faster than the conscious thoughts of the ideas but not the “biological thought” of the brain making the hands move.
– I can’t see what he is writing but I know from experience that his movements are conducive to writing- but is my expectation a bit tainted by the title of the piece? How do I know he’s not just scribbling symbols or drawing?
– Qu: why did he begin really fast rather than slow if he was trying to go through something methodically? To keep up with the flow of his thoughts? – it was only fast when he began. It begins to slow- the act of contemplating the content of what is being written.
– It’s not automatic necessarily because he’s doing it from stored memories about each piece he has done. But then is ti automatic because handwriting is so ingrained we don’t have to consciously think about every little movement we are doing?
– Its very silent apart from the scratching of the pen- it’s quite a laboured way of getting thoughts out but a closer relation to the direct production of the text rather than it going through a system and being displayed on a screen which is a different type of hand-eye-body coordination altogether.
– There are points where it speeds up again.
– The writing is amplified through the amp but because of the silence of the atmosphere I’ve only just noticed, I thought I was just hearing the scratching of the pen.
Qu: Why did you amplify it?
Qu: Why the change to writing with your fist?
Qu: Are we allowed to see what has been written?
Qu: Why did you go off and return?
– Are these questions we should be asking? Why do I want to know more than what I am experiencing?


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