Final piece of non-visual evidence of Cardio Circuit Response Method, a Q&A between curator and artist

LOCKED OUT: Cardio Circuit Response Method, questions and answers (Curator and Artist)

What state were you in when you recorded the original heartbeat?
– It’s my heartbeat from inside the womb, one of the earliest ever recorded heartbeats.

Why did you choose to use it in this context?
– It’s my first response to my non-existence. I wasn’t aware when my heartbeat was recorded but now I am in a state of awareness and have control over it, I can manipulate the recording.

Could you feel your heartbeat changing during the performance?
– I was using my breathing to reference the speed of my heartbeat

How “worked out” were your movements prior to the performance?
– I knew I had to move a lot to change the speed of my heartbeat but I didn’t know until it was actually happening what I could do to really increase and decrease it within the time of the performance, so I went for it.

Hate to ask, but if you had to locate the “art” in this performance where would it be?
– The “art work” is the method, the methods tried to achieve the goal which is to manipulate my living heartbeat in accordance to my unborn one.

Why do you work in this way?
– Sound is created by movement but when it come to some types of music like electronics which is my background, it is not presented with movement, the presentation has moved too far away from the original creation of sound, so I am just moving it back!
The activation of an acoustic event or vibration, this is what it all goes back to, beyond the synthesis involved in electronic music.

– And finally, why did you conceal your face?
I don’t know, I genuinely can’t explain, it felt like it needed to be done.


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