Curator/Witness Written Response

– Friday performance evidence of Cardio Circuit Response Method.

– (2 performance objects, the sound recording of the piece, one set of instructions- interview to come later, options of biog)
In such close proximity to the mic, the breathing sounds distorted and deeper, more heavy but more sense of something real- even though this is not how we would usually hear it, this is based on an assumption it being closer to the bodily function so it must be more real?- this heightens the sense of a live performing body because its amplified but only if experienced live

One constant is the rhythm of the recorded heartbeat being played, it puts a frame around the piece when the actions are more scattered and unpredictable. It gives the illusion of it getting faster as the movements intensify but it does remain as a constant parameter.

The artist’s body doesn’t fit the space comfortably, his height, it puts you on edge as you spectate and you feel your heartbeat unrealistically mirroring the recording.

The artist’s face is shrouded by a T-Shirt tied around his head so his “whole” appearance isn’t revealed- not a costume or a mask but more like masking- not all access to the artist (by sight)- even something here remains unrevealed when the piece is live.
Taped to a recorder which leads to some wires he has made a full circuit but with body and machine- much like the heartbeat which is the ultimate sign of life has become transformed by a machine (recording equipment) and modified as it can be manipulated (started and stopped)

The red light- it intensifies the piece, everything is intensified, the body by the machine, the space with the light- yet the body is the integral part in the circuit and introduces human error and judgement into the machine/circuit- human error- blocks falling, recording equipment kicked

Thrashing around but not pretending- he’s actually thrashing around to try and physically alter a state in his body (his heartbeat) he was trying to force his body to speed up or slow down- not creating an illusion of struggle but actually struggling to achieve this change
The limitations of the mic and wires seem prevalent- although he has used this on purpose so must have known and chosen o use it in this way- constricted by his own set up

The body is physically constricted by the “machines” but purposely so


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