Cardio Circuit Response Method, new evidence: Instructions for a future re-performance

Cardio Circuit Response Method Instruction Manual
1) Get a medical professional or otherwise to taking a recording of your heartbeat before you are born
2) Archive it for 29 years
3) During the 29 years consider how you might correlate it to your own heartbeat now
4) Contemplate and plan playing it through a speaker in front of an audience or documenter
5) On the day of fruition of the above, plan the location and not the logistics and have knowledge of unobtainable equipment to perform it optimally within a time restraint
6) Set up the amp and recording of your heartbeat in a clinical nature that resembles a medical procedure to emulate the situation in which it was recorded
7) Go through at two failed methods of the response method (even if they are perceived as optimum they must fail to ensure a third) and arrive at the third as the only possible response to instruction No.3
8) Remove clothes to avoid constriction of the body
9) Conceal face using an appropriate method
10) Press play to begin the recorded heartbeat
11) Respond accordingly


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